DX Initiatives

Top Message

We aim to expand our domain for new customers with Group synergy and DX.

Currently Japan is suffering from a declining birthrate and super-aging population, and labor shortage is becoming severe due to the shrinking working age population. We see this as an extremely serious issue since the HITOWA Group provides services through the power of people, following the slogan, "For the people, with people, we advance into the future."

We operate facilities such as nursing homes and nursery schools, as well as provide services including house cleaning and housekeeping services, and meal services at nursing care facilities. By realizing Group synergy of these businesses through DX (digital transformation), we aim to create new value that goes beyond the framework of existing systems, and expand our domain of new customers.

In order to promote this initiative, we have appointed an officer in charge of DX promotion and built a cross-group DX promotion system.

We will continue to communicate the status of progress to our stakeholders and further strive towards realizing our DX strategy.

President and Representative Director
HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd.

Management Vision

Meeting new needs as a solutions provider in "lifestyles"

The HITOWA Group's stated management philosophy is "Constantly creating new value that supports families and lifestyles as we provide high levels of satisfaction and moving experiences." We support every family and lifestyle through the power of people, and provide satisfaction and moving experiences in lifestyles. We will create valuable services while meeting the new needs of society. This is our mission as a provider of comprehensive lifestyle support services, and we have earned the trust of our customers and society by engaging in business with pride and sincerity.

Without stopping progress toward that direction, we must always undertake new endeavors, and pursue even greater "satisfaction and moving experiences" looking forward to the future digital society.

For that purpose, we at the HITOWA Group will create Group synergy through the promotion of DX, and by developing business as a solutions provider for our customers' "lifestyles," we will meet the new needs of society.

Business Model

Using digital technology to provide more convenient, secure, and safer services

Following the slogan, "For the people, with people, we advance into the future," the HITOWA Group has worked to support "lifestyles," which are the foundation of people's lives, through the power of people.

While continuing with that idea, the HITOWA Group aims for a business model in which we use digital technology and Group synergy to provide new value, such as highly convenient, safe, and secure services for social issues and customers.

Specifically, we will use IT to prevent medication errors for residents of nursing care facilities and monitor them using AI-equipped cameras and sensors. Furthermore, we will help people live more safely and securely through services such as the operation of a matching site that works to solve problems for customers, involving our entire industry including our company and industry peers.

DX Strategy

Supporting customers with a unified platform across the entire Group

Our DX strategy at the HITOWA Group is to support the Group's various businesses with a single platform, and work as an entire Group to solve the social issues faced by our customers.

With the aim of integrating the HITOWA Group's customer database through the creation of the following systems, we plan to improve the work efficiency of employees, reduce labor shortages, and create comfortable workplaces.

  • Create a system to approach customers with various services
  • Create a system to quickly provide services requested by customers
  • Create a system to reduce the burden on employees by improving work efficiency

Through the development of a My Page function that customers can access via the Internet, we will enable smooth communication with our customers, digitalize service usage records, and make them available to view at any time, creating a system that satisfies everyone involved in our services.

To that end, we will start by examining new infrastructure that will serve as the base, and aim to build a better platform with a wide range of possibilities, from scratch development to use of existing services.

Prospective specific digital platforms

  • Adoption of serverless architecture provided by cloud providers
  • Adoption of a cloud-based low-code development platform

As with the above prospective platforms, we are advancing with a policy to build the environment on the public cloud and build a system that can flexibly respond to the load caused by changes in the number of accessing customers.

We are also considering having people who are knowledgeable about infrastructure construction to participate in the project, such as providing support through consulting.

System & Organization

Members of each Group company work together to promote DX.

We have appointed an officer in charge of DX promotion and embarked on new initiatives using digital technology, centered on the IT departments of each company in the HITOWA Group.

Depending on the project, we will add operating departments that are familiar with practical work, and even request support from outside consultants, with members working together as one to strongly promote the project.

Performance Indicators

We will ceaselessly improve customer and employee satisfaction.

We at the HITOWA Group place great importance on customer and employee satisfaction, as a result of DX promotion.

With the customer satisfaction survey and employee satisfaction survey that we conduct every year, we aim to constantly make improvements by responding to various issues using digital technology.