HITOWA's Philosophy

The Corporate Philosophy of the HITOWA Group

We are constantly creating new value that supports families and lifestyles as we provide high levels of satisfaction and moving experiences .

The Principles of the HITOWA Group

Solving social issues
|Acting quickly and precisely|Earning the trust of society

The HITOWA Group's Slogan

For the people, with people, we advance into the future. For the people with people we advance into the future

Our nation is enriched by its people.
Our era is led by the people who live in it.
Every aspect of society is the product of peoples' ideas and actions.

The power of people is also what supports our lifestyles .
People are what help families and support lifestyles in everything from childcare and managing the health of family members to daily meals and nursing care.

Providing high levels of satisfaction and moving experiences in our lifestyles.
Meeting the new needs of society as we create valuable services.
That's our mission as a provider of comprehensive lifestyle support services. It is also a point of pride for us.

In today's age, we find ourselves in the midst of a torrent of information.
That's what makes it so vital for us to see each other, to connect, and to unite, in order to move forward as one.
We need to use the power of people to build a joyous future for everyone.
We will continue to grow, always maintaining our focus on people and their lifestyles.

The Origin of "HITOWA"


As a provider of comprehensive lifestyle support services, we value harmony ("wa") between people ("hito"). Through our various business activities, we hope to join people in a great circle ("wa"), creating an even better society. We hope to support people and their lifestyles forever ("towa").
These values are reflected in our company name, "HITOWA."



Our logo depicts peoples' growth, bonds, and the light that lives inside them forever. The three shining lights in our logo represent children, adults, and seniors.
This logo embodies our mission of supporting families, from children to seniors, helping everyone live bright, radiant lives by providing them with high levels of satisfaction and moving experiences.