Sustainability Policy

The mission of the HITOWA Group, a provider of comprehensive lifestyle support services, is meeting the new needs of society, providing high levels of satisfaction and moving experiences in our lifestyles, solving various problems that people face as a result of the issues that confront society, and supporting all families and lifestyles. We have defined the following six materialities (key issues), in order to create a society in which everyone, from children to the elderly, can enjoy comfortable and energetic lives with peace of mind. The entire Group is working as one to address these materialities.

1.Providing support that enables everyone to continue to live lives the way they want

By providing comprehensive lifestyle support services such as childcare, nursing care, and housekeeping, we strive to create a society in which everyone, from children to the elderly, can live energetic and joyous lives the way they want.

2.Coexistence with local communities

We use our business activities to connect people with other people and their communities, while improving regional disaster preparedness and reducing poverty and isolation so that members of the communities can live richer and more secure lives. Through this, we will flourish together with the communities.

3.Creating attractive workplaces

Because we are a group that provides services with a human touch, it is vital that we be a corporate group where each and every employee can enjoy both physical and mental health and feel excited and motivated in their work. To create workplace environments where diverse personnel can live up to their full potential, we are promoting diversity and inclusion, working to improve the health of our employees, and increasing operational efficiency through workstyle reforms, with the aim of always being a group that is rewarding to work at.

4.Personnel development that supports sustainable corporate activities

The HITOWA Group's personnel, who provide high levels of satisfaction and moving experiences in our lifestyles, are the foundation of our corporate activities. In order to develop human resources that support our sustainable corporate activities, we create systems for continuously developing capabilities of our employees and conducting evaluations that promote employee growth.

5.Promoting corporate activities that do not place an environmental burden

The HITOWA Group recognizes that it is its social responsibility to address various environmental issues such as climate change, marine plastic pollution, and resource depletion. We raise awareness of environmental issues among employees and promote environmentally friendly business activities, such as reducing CO2 emissions and effectively utilizing resources, in our quest to create a sustainable society.

6.Sustainably enhancing corporate value and strengthening our business foundation

We will continue to sincerely respond to feedback from our stakeholders, earn the trust of society, and remain a company that society relies on. We will also comply with laws, regulations, and societal norms in all of our corporate activities, while strengthening our business foundation and sustainably enhancing our corporate value, with the aim of maintaining highly transparent and ethical management.