Environmental Management

Our Environmental Approach

The corporate philosophy of the HITOWA Group is to constantly create new value that supports families and lifestyles as we provide high levels of satisfaction and moving experiences. To achieve that, we have positioned environmental protection as one of our highest priorities, and we are contributing to the development of sustainable societies.

Climate change countermeasures

We strive to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, to promote the transformation of society into a carbon-free society, and to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Protecting water resources and biodiversity

We work to reduce our water consumption and improve the efficiency of our water resource usage. We strive to protect water resources and to minimize our impact on biodiversity.

Pollution prevention initiatives

We strive to prevent environmental pollution by chemicals, oils, and other substances, and to reduce their environmental impact. We work to reduce emissions of atmospheric pollutants and to reduce and appropriately process the hazardous waste and effluent we discharge.

Environmental impact reduction measures

We recognize the environmental impact that corporate activity causes through the consumption of resources and the emission of waste. We strive to reduce our environmental burden by promoting efficient resource usage and recycling by each and every one of our employees and by cutting or curbing our energy usage.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We comply with environmental laws, international codes, and the agreements that we are party to.

Operating and improving our environmental management system

In order to improve our environmental performance, we have created an environmental management system, which we improve on an ongoing basis.

Communication with stakeholders

We strive to improve awareness of the importance of environmental conservation among our employees and members of the local communities through our environmental education activities and our regional contribution activities. We are also dedicated to communicating with stakeholders regarding environmental and other issues.

October 2022

President and Representative Director
HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd.

Our Structure and Systems

HITOWA Holdings has acquired certification of the ISO 14001, an international standard for environmental management, and we operate a standard-based environmental management system (EMS) throughout our Group and it has created an environmental management structure headed by the President and Representative Director. Under the system, the Sustainability Committee discusses environmental initiatives and consults with and reports to the Board of Directors and to ensure that the EMS is operated appropriately and improved on an ongoing basis, an internal environmental audit is performed on an annual basis.
Also, each Group company has its own sustainability manager and engages in environmentally-focused activities based on its business activities.

ISO 14001 certification acquisition status

HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd.

Certification agency
SGS Japan Inc.
Registration number

Environmental management system (EMS)

Operations to which the EMS applies

Contents of operations to which the EMS is applied
The formulation of business policies and the implementation of business management for the holding company and the Group engaged in the operation of lifestyle support, repairs and maintenance, childcare support, nursing and health support, and catering support businesses, etc.

Targeted personnel

Officers, employees, temporary staff, and part-time employees of HITOWA Holdings Co., Ltd.


Targets 1
Reduce paper usage by 3% year-on-year
Targets 2
Reduce power consumption by 3% year-on-year


Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We have created a system in which we diligently comply with environmental laws and regulations based on our environmental management promotion structure, as we strive to foster a deeper understanding of compliance and a higher level of compliance with various environmental laws and regulations, both in Japan and overseas, by conducting initiatives such as training.
We identify the environmental laws, regulations, treaties, and agreements that we must comply with in our EMS operation and environmental activities, and evaluate our state of compliance every six months. We also conduct an internal environmental audit or environmental self-evaluation on an annual basis to confirm if our EMS is functioning effectively, including compliance with environmental laws and regulations. No violations of environmental laws or regulations were reported for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2023

Environmental training

We carry out environmental training to improve the environment awareness of each and every employee.

Training Program Name Number of Participants (Percentage) Training Participant Scope
Environmental issues and ISO 112 people (100%) All employees of HITOWA Holdings