The HITOWA Group's corporate slogan is "Helping mankind. Using the power of people. Advancing into the future. " Led by this slogan, we are supporting families and lifestyles as a company that provides comprehensive lifestyle support services with a human touch.

Society is facing a growing number of issues due to the declining birth rate, aging population, and increasing diversity of lifestyles. To provide services that address these social issues and achieve sustainable growth, we have engaged in deliberations and decided on the following specific initiatives (materialities) based on our corporate slogan.

Based on these materialities, we create medium- and long-term targets and action plans and set KPIs. We strive to steadily implement initiatives and grow continuously as a company, solving society's problems and living up to our social responsibilities.

We have set the following KPI for each of our materialities.

Materiality KPIs

Materiality Materiality subcategory KPI Specific targets and indices
Providing support that enables everyone to continue to live lives the way they want Improving the QOL of elderly people Deployment of LIFELENS (monitoring system) By the end of FY2025, increase number of facilities in which LIFELENS has been deployed by 50% in comparison to the end of FY2022
Extending healthy life expectancy Training of swallowing training supporters Train 40 practitioners (swallowing training supporters) by the end of FY2023
Creating moments of happiness by providing meals Number of event meals served By the end of FY2025, increase number of event meals served by 20% in comparison to the end of FY2022
Making everyday life more fun Number of facilities providing recreation activities Introduce recreation activities in all facilities, including new facilities (by end of FY2025)
Coexistence with local communities Connecting with communities Number of nursing care consultation sessions held Hold nursing care consultation centers in all new facilities (by end of FY2025)
Number of participants in "nursery school search" seminars 205 or more participants per year
Activities based on facilities' roles as regional disaster sites Facilities that exist in harmony with the community (enhanced disaster responsiveness) Open one facility by the end of FY2025
Creating attractive workplaces Diversity & inclusion Percentage of women in managerial positions 43.0% in FY2023
Employment rate of persons with disabilities 2.45% in FY2023
Health & productivity management Medical checkup consultation rate (head office staff) 100% in FY2023
Improving work-life balance Ongoing acquisition of external certifications Eruboshi, Kurumin, Monisu, Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization
Overtime 9.2 hours in FY2023
Paid leave usage rate 61.3% in FY2023
Personnel development that supports sustainable corporate activities Ongoing employee capability development Number of participants in HITOWA Campus Program 1,050 participants in FY2023
Specialized training (nursing care) Certified Care Worker national certification exam pass rate 100% in FY2023
Specialized training (nursing care) Caregiver internal mandatory training participation rate 100% in FY2023
Specialized training (childcare) Provide diverse opportunities for skill improvement aimed at providing better childcare Hold 249 programs between April 2022 and March 2023 (childcare year)
Promoting corporate activities that do not place an environmental burden Effective use of resources Effectively use emergency food provisions By the end of FY2025, effectively use 100% of emergency food provisions whose best by date has expired
Uniform reuse rate Increase by 40% in comparison to FY2022
Reducing power consumption Number of facilities with LED lighting Use LED lighting in all facilities by the end of FY2025
Conserving water resources UFB (ultra fine bubble ) high pressure washer deployment rate Deploy in 80% of all franchises by the end of FY2023
Number of facilities with water-saving devices Introduce in 70% of facilities by the end of FY2025
Environmental education Number of "Kid's Cleaning Challenge" events held Hold in 80 nursery schools each year (Hold once or more for the oldest classes of children each year in each nursery school, not including company-sponsored nursery schools, hospitals, or after-school child day cares)
Sustainably enhancing corporate value and strengthening our business foundation Evaluation of the functions of the Board of Directors Conduct evaluations of the Board of Directors Hold first evaluation and formulate improvement measures by end of FY2023
Reinforcement of governance Compliance with corporate governance code Comply with all items by the end of FY2024
Promote stakeholder engagement Selection for GPIF (Government Pension Investment Fund) -adopted ESG indexes Aim to be selected for two of the five indexes by the end of FY2024
Risk management Steadily implement PDCA through risk management meetings Continue to confirm implementation of all items in risk management meetings conducted each quarter