Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

The HITOWA Group is committed to the Corporate Philosophy of constantly creating new value that supports families and lifestyles as we provide high levels of satisfaction and moving experiences.

Our mission as a provider of comprehensive lifestyle support services is to meet the new needs of society, provide high levels of satisfaction and moving experiences in our lifestyles, and support every family and their lifestyles by solving the various issues that we face including social problems.

To continue to be a much-needed company that earnestly lends its ear to the opinions of the stakeholders and is trusted by society, we consider "the sustained enhancement of corporate value and the reinforcement of the management base" as one of our critical tasks.

We will comply with laws, ordinances, and social norms in all our corporate activities, while aiming for highly transparent and ethical management and working to reinforce our management base and sustainably enhance our corporate value.

Tax Policy

Basic Approach

One of the HITOWA Group's action guidelines is "earning the trust of society." We discharge our tax-related duties appropriately and correctly so that we may continue to sincerely respond to the voices of our stakeholders, earn the trust of society, and remain a company needed in society. We deliberate regarding matters such as the use of tax incentives within the bounds of our standard business activities, and strive to increase our corporate value and maximize our shareholder value by optimizing our tax expenses.

Tax Governance

The responsibility for building and maintaining the HITOWA Group's tax governance system lies with the director of the accounting division.
The division responsible for accounting performs tax-related processing in such a way that the tax governance system functions correctly and in accordance with the tax policy. Furthermore, they cooperate with the accounting divisions of each Group company to identify and deal with tax-related issues and risks.

Tax Compliance

The HITOWA Group complies with the letter and the spirit of tax-related laws, regulations, societal norms, and rules specified by each Group company. The Group behaves honestly and fairly, led by a strong sense of ethics.

Tax Risk Reduction

The HITOWA Group responds as necessary to revisions in tax systems and other tax-related issues, in order to minimize its tax risks on an ongoing basis. Each Group company conducts its tax duties, such as tax reporting, payment, and investigation, in an appropriate manner in accordance with the Group's basic policies and guidelines. The Group thoroughly investigates the potential tax risks of its business activities in advance, consults with experts as necessary, and makes inquiries to tax authorities in advance.

Tax Planning

The Group does not engage in arbitrary tax planning such as engaging in transactions with the sole purpose of tax avoidance or the use of tax havens.

Relationship with Tax Authorities

The Group deals sincerely with tax authorities, building and maintaining healthy and constructive relationships of trust.