Conserving Resources

Since the Industrial Revolution, global population growth and economic development have enriched peoples' lives, but at the same time they have created environmental problems. Global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions, rising sea levels, thawing permafrost, marine pollution by microplastic and other marine waste, climate change due to global warming and deforestation -- we face countless problems that require immediate action.

The problems affecting the global environment mutually affect each other, making the problems more complex and more severe. These issues must be tackled through international initiatives, but also by actions taken by individuals.

Based on our environmental policy, the HITOWA Group strives to be mindful of the impact of its business on ecosystems, to engage in sustainable procurement, to implement waste countermeasures, and to protect water resources and biodiversity, protecting the environment of the earth itself, in order to create a sustainable society.

Our Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions through Energy Conservation

The HITOWA Group uses energy-saving LEDs for all of its lighting and works to reduce CO2 emissions in the nursing care facilities, nursery schools, and kitchens it operates through measures such as the use of LED lighting. It has also installed energy-saving air conditioners in its nursing care facilities and is progressively replacing older equipment with new energy-saving models.

Use of FSC-Certified Paper Made from Wood Grown in an Environmentally-Friendly Manner

The destruction of the world's forests, and the impact this is having on the living environments of indigenous peoples, animals, and plants, has become a serious problem. The HITOWA Group's head office and the facilities operated by its business companies use copier paper that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC). By using paper made from wood grown in an environmentally-friendly manner and which gives back to local communities, we are supporting appropriate forest management.

Using Environmentally-Friendly Products

HITOWA Life Partner is actively using environmentally conscious products, cutting its use of plastics and reducing its environmental impact. "Osoji Honpo" is improving productivity while reducing its environmental impact by introducing "ultra-fine bubble" technology, state of the art technology that improves the cleaning power of water itself, and using person-friendly, environmentally-friendly eco detergent with superb cleaning power.

Main Measures

  • Fine bubble high pressure washers: reduces environmental impact by making it easier to wash away dirt
  • Eco detergent: reduces environmental impact
  • Wet area coating: reduces environmental impact by making it easier to wash away dirt
  • Alkaline electrolyzed water: reduces environmental impact

Garbage Sorting and Separation

The garbage cans in our head office and other offices are labeled as being for combustible waste, incombustible waste, and glass bottles/cans/plastic bottles, and we're working to effectively use recyclable resources.

Window Blinds

We are lowering the blinds in our head office and other offices in the summer to block out the summer heat and improve air conditioning efficiency, and in the winter to improve heating efficiency by shutting out cold air. The HITOWA Group will continue to actively work to contribute to further energy savings.

Initiatives to Eliminate Workplace Paper Usage

The HITOWA Group actively uses its internal portal site, email, and cloud environment to digitize information sharing and share meeting materials in the form of electronic data, reducing the amount of printed materials and other documents. We have also introduced a system that digitizes hiring procedures. We are using a paperless approach for all kinds of employment-related documents, such as employment contracts, oaths, and letters of guarantee.

Each and every employee tries to reduce the use of paper in their own business activities.

Plastic Bottle Cap Collection

We are collecting plastic bottle caps through collection boxes in our head office.
The collected caps are donated to the Ecocap Movement, which recycles and upcycles them to make learning toys and stationery and uses recycling profits to fund vaccination efforts.
We are also reducing CO2 emissions by sorting and separating garbage.

Used Stamp Collection

We are collecting used stamps affixed to envelopes, post cards, and the like through collection boxes in our head office.

These collected used stamps are donated to the Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service (JOCS), where they aid in efforts to cooperative health and medical efforts in Asia and Africa.