Personnel Development

We provide all of our employees with learning opportunities, encouraging them to take on new challenges and grow so that they can live up to their full potential.

HITOWA Campus Program

The HITOWA Campus program provides unique learning opportunities that support the education and career development of individual employees. The program offers regular online seminars and e-learning, presenting individual employees with opportunities to learn the skills and abilities they need for their duties and helping them draw on their own individual strengths.

The Goals of the HITOWA Campus Program

  1. 1. Assist HITOWA employees to learn and grow through their work
  2. 2. Have HITOWA employees take ownership over their own careers and establish work styles and careers that reflect their individuality
  3. 3. Have employees acquire the practical skills they need to collaborate with diverse others and produce results as a team

Introduction of Management Training

The personnel development through management is one of the HITOWA Group's basic approach. Needless to say, our business and our organization are led by our management personnel, so the development of our management personnel strengthens our human resources and our organization.

Our management training includes not only group training sessions in which participants learn about management and leadership, but also a variety of other opportunities and tools, such as assessments for gaining a better understanding of oneself and others, network creation within the Group, self-learning using educational videos during free time, and one-on-one meetings with superiors. Through these activities, which are performed over a six month period, participants in the program gain the knowledge, skills, and mindset essential for management personnel.

Training Curriculum in the Nursing Care Business

HITOWA Care Service is an operator in the nursing care business. Its training curriculum contains over 20 types of training, through which it strives to develop personnel who can provide an even higher quality of nursing care services.

Various training is carried out based on individual staff member's job types and positions. They provide multi-stage support that assists employees in making progress toward their objectives.

Care Staff Curricula

  • Training for mid-career hires: New assignment training, follow-up training
  • Training for general staff: OJT trainer pre-assignment training, mobile video training
  • Training for leaders: Leader pre-assignment training, leader new assignment training
  • Training for chiefs: Chief pre-assignment training, chief new assignment training
  • Training for managers: Manager development training

Care Specialist and Management Curricula

  • New assignment training (for nursing staff, at-home care managers, facility care managers, service provision managers)
  • OJT training: OJT trainer pre-assignment training
  • Step-up training (for nursing staff, at-home care managers, facility care managers, service provision managers, life consultants)
  • Training for managers: New assignment training for managers

Support for Certification Acquisition in the Nursing Care Business

As an operator in the nursing care business, HITOWA Care Service has developed a system that supports employees to acquire certifications while working.

For example, if employees are new to the company, they can acquire Nursing Care Staff Practitioner Training certification, while deepening their understanding of the work involved in nursing care facilities by performing duties such as cleaning, laundry, simple recreation, and shopping on behalf of facility residents. It also provides an environment in which they can continue to study as they work. Through their ongoing studies and three years of field experience, they can aim to receive national Certified Care Worker certification.

Since 2019, it has also offered Nursing Care Staff Practitioner Training and Certified Care Worker Field Training classes outside the Group as well, led by HITOWA's desire to improve the quality of nursing care services and contribute to recruitment efforts.

Training Curriculum in the Childcare Business

HITOWA Kids Life is an operator in the childcare support business. It collaborates with Kids Life Labo., a childcare training specialist, to develop and conduct childcare training based on the latest science and theory. The diverse curriculum includes 100 types of training, such as training by outside instructors and multi-level training for specific positions and job types. This curriculum provides childcare workers and other trainees with the skills and knowledge they need while supporting their personal growth. Hands-on training that encourages behavioral changes contributes to the improvement of the quality of childcare.

Training Curricula

  • Training for new graduates and staff in their second year of employment: This training is provided to employees in their first and second years that joined the company immediately upon graduation. In this training, they learn the manners required of members of society and basic knowledge essential for childcare workers and dietitians.
  • Position-based training (nursery school principals, chiefs, mid-level leaders): This training provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed for each of these positions, developing them as future management personnel.
  • Job type-training (childcare workers, dietitians, cooks, nurses): Participants in this training learn the specialized knowledge and skills they need for these job types.
  • Original content training: Participants learn skills used in providing childcare with distinctive features, such as English, dance, picture books, and cleaning.

Training Curriculum in the Catering Business

As a provider of catering services, HITOWA Food Service is responsible for providing customers with safe meals. It not only provides training to new hires, but has also introduced an educational program for developing the abilities of mid-career hires without prior experience. It regularly holds workshops for managers and deputy managers, health workshops, and technical training, and has created an environment in which each and every employee can grow as a food professional.

It has also introduced the TeachmeBiz cloud procedure manual creation tool, enabling employees to study at any time. This tool makes it possible for employees to view the information they need at their work sites in a clear and understandable manner, using photographs and video, and to share their knowledge. This has great promise for improving and standardizing operations.

Examples of content shared using the Teachme Biz cloud procedure manual creation tool

  • Cooking-related: Overview of work performed each day, cooking methods, etc.
  • Hygiene management: Accident status information, hand-washing manual, health newsletter, etc.
  • Computer-related: Explanations of internal system usage methods and functions
  • Other: Compliance training, etc.

Training Curriculum for Special Subsidiary

HITOWA Social Works, a special subsidiary, provides training for staff members with disabilities and the employees who provide them support. Operation support staff and life/mental support staff work together in a two-person system to ensure that each and every staff member with disabilities can work happily and energetically, leveraging their individuality and strengths. Not only is follow-up provided through training, but HITOWA Social Works has also adopted a system of comprehensive, individual support from varying perspectives.

Training for Employees who Provide Support to Persons with Disabilities

  • Internal training: Training focused on understanding and accommodating disabilities, assertion training, etc.
  • External training: Various lectures, workshops, tours of companies implementing advanced measures, etc.
  • Certification acquisition support: Employment Counselor for Persons with Disabilities, Company-registered Job Coach, Supporter for Persons with Mental or Developmental Disabilities, etc.

Training for Persons with Disabilities

  • Business manner training: Reception manners, compliance, telephone manners, computer skills, etc.
  • Self-management training: Self-understanding, how stress works, etc.
  • Disability understanding training: Dementia supporter training course, introduction to sign language, experiencing the world of the blind, etc.